What is Your Appetite for Risk?

October 21, 2017 – Wealth Strategy with Bryan Rigg, Your Wealth Professor
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We are going to talk about four different things today. Each one of them is going to be about 15 minutes, so we’ll take up a little bit of time on each topic. First, we’re going to get into sectors of the market and investing within sectors. It helps you pick a sector within the market that gives you a little more general insight. We’re going to get into that as well.

The psychology of investing is important. We’re going to cover that, and identifying and helping measure your risk appetite. We haven’t talked about that in a few months. You have to understand going in what your appetite for risk is, and Bryan’s seen many examples and many clients for that. The third segment, we’re going to come back after the bottom of the hour, and we’re going to talk about cybersecurity. Bryan had an interesting meeting recently and has some insight on that.

We’re going to close out the show with trust funds ‑‑ who are they for, and why we have them. It’s not something that’s on most people’s portfolios, but if you want to work with money for the people and leaving a legacy with parameters, trust funds are a great way to go.

It doesn’t always have the connotation that people are trust fund babies. That’s not the case. That’s some of the worst cases. There are good and bad purposes for trust funds, but a lot of people, when you hear about the diversity that’s offered in trust funds, it can be a great asset to a portfolio.

We’re going to start off with when we look at investing in the market, we look at trying to decide what to get into. So many people think it’s just a stock ‑‑ pick a stock and buy that stock. Luckily, the market allows us to invest in sectors. Bryan, help people understand sectors in the market.


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