10/03/19: China, Energy, & Impeachment

October 03, 2019 – Wealth Strategy with Bryan Rigg, Your Wealth Professor

China is one of the largest and most powerful countries in the world with a population well over one billion. During this month, China will be celebrating 70 years of communist reign. We’ll take a look at the impact of China and their economy on the rest of the world. 

Next, we’ll talk about energy and more specifically oil and gas. Oil is the biggest business in the world and is the driver for so many other markets in the world. Throughout the years, the prices associated with energy have and continue to increase. We’ll discuss why the days of a gallon of gas costing less than a dollar are long gone and won’t return anytime soon.  

We’ll end the show by discussing politics and impeachment. We’ll discuss what an impeachment process entails and how it can affect the market.

10/04/19: Money In The Different Stages Of Life

October 04, 2019 – Wealth Strategy with Bryan Rigg, Your Wealth Professor

We take a look at what people of different ages and stages of life should do in regards to their finances. We first start the discussion with what those in their twenties should be doing with their money. This age group is unique because this is where many begin their careers so it can be difficult to decide what or where to invest their hard earnings. Bryan gives tips on how this age group can grow their money.

Next, we take a look at those in their forties. By this time, you might be entering the third phase of life and preparing for retirement. So, we discuss ways to save money while not increasing expenses. 

We end the show by taking a look at those in their sixties and eighties. Unfortunately, during this time health tends to decline. We discuss tips on how to enjoy life as things begin to slow down.

10/16/19: The Trump Administration

October 16, 2019 – Wealth Strategy with Bryan Rigg, Your Wealth Professor

We’re going to change the pace and talk about politics on today’s show. We take a look at the President of the United States, Donald Trump and his administration. We also discuss the United State’s relation with foreign powers.

10/17/19: The Market & Rigg Wealth Management

October 17, 2019 – Wealth Strategy with Bryan Rigg, Your Wealth Professor

Today, we’ll be taking a look at how the market might change in the next 12 months and how you can protect yourself. Markets are dynamic in nature due to many reasons. We take a look at some political factors that might affect the market and we share what direction we believe the market is heading towards.

We end the show by discussing what it’s like to be a client of Bryan and Rigg Wealth Management. Bryan shares some of his strategies to managing and investing in portfolios such as how to efficiently move money from one account to another.

10/31/19: Rigg Wealth Management, Death, & Civil War

October 31, 2019 – Wealth Strategy with Bryan Rigg, Your Wealth Professor

Today we’re going to talk about three different topics, starting with Rigg Wealth Management. Carl Von Clausewitz is known for saying, “In war everything’s simple, just hard to do”. In life, most things that are or we believe to be important are actually quite simple to take care of. For instance, simple preparation and planning can prevent anyone from spending more than what they have. However, this is easier said than done. Rigg Wealth Management provides wealth strategies and helps manage portfolios to alleviate the struggles of dealing with finances.

Next, we’ll be talking about the inevitable, death. This isn’t the easiest or most talked about topic but it is one that must be talked about especially before it’s too late. We’ll talk about how proper planning can make things easier for loved ones.

Then we’ll end the show with examining an insightful connection Bryan has made between the Civil War and financial management. We’ll discuss how you can plan for the future by looking at the past.

11/01/19: Market Pullback, Retirement Plans, & Impeachment

November 01, 2019 – Wealth Strategy with Bryan Rigg, Your Wealth Professor

Today, we’ll be comparing the market conditions of the last two decades. Market conditions are bound to change within a decade, making every decade different. One aspect that contributes to a market’s dynamic nature is a pullback, which is an inevitable decline or pause that happens to a market. We discuss whether or not it’s time for market pullback and the do’s and don’ts of how to prepare for it.

Next, we’ll be talking about the different retirement plans. Each plan has its own set of unique advantages that make each plan more beneficial to some than the other plans do. So Bryan breaks down the differences between 401(k)s, IRAs, and ROTHs. 

Then we take a look back at the past U.S. presidents who’ve been impeached. We’ll discuss what led up to their impeachment and discuss how the current ongoing impeachment process might affect the economy if it goes through.

11/13/19: Apple, Cannabis, Home Security, &

November 13, 2019 – Wealth Strategy with Bryan Rigg, Your Wealth Professor

Today, we’re going to discuss four different topics. We’ll start the show off by having Bryan give his opinion on the company Apple. Apple may still be the apple of the eyes of millions but what goes up must come down, especially in the business world. So Bryan gives some tips on how to be well diversified in the stock market. 

Then, we’ll talk about the current and future state of the cannabis industry. We’ll also take a look at cannabis dispensaries across the nation such as Farma and we’ll discuss what direction we see these businesses are heading towards.    

We’ll end the show by talking about the future of home security, automakers, and oil & gas companies. Security cameras used to be something you would want to hide but nowadays they have moved out of the shadows and are used more as a deterrent. We discuss if home security will be more self-monitored or a subscriber based system. Followed by the impact of automakers and oil & gas companies, and the future of cars.

11/12/19: Amazon, Boeing, Elon Musk, & the NFL

November 12, 2019 – Wealth Strategy with Bryan Rigg, Your Wealth Professor

Today is Opinion Saturday, so today’s show showcases Bryan’s thoughts on Amazon and Boeing. We’ll also get into what overvaluation is and how it comes into play in the stock market.
Then, Bryan will give his opinion on one of the largest players in the technology industry, Elon Musk and his visions. We’ll discuss the automobile industry and whether or not you should invest in real estate.

We’ll close the show by discussing the current state of the National Football League (NFL) both as a sport and as a business.

12/21/19: Holiday Shopping & Freeman House

December 21, 2019 – Wealth Strategy with Bryan Rigg, Your Wealth Professor

The holiday season is in full effect and it can be tough not to overspend. In many cases, this can be avoided simply by deciding what is a need versus a want or by giving time, not money. On today’s show, we’ll give tips on how to stay within a budget while holiday shopping.

Barbara Freeman and a house manager join the show to discuss their nonprofit organization, This organization provides transitional housing for men and women in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who have come out of incarceration and are recovering from addictions. Barbara also talks about the Troy Freeman Scholarship Fund and its beginnings, which was established to fund the intake houses, and goes in depth about the services they provide.

12/28/19: End Of The Year Finances,, & “Flamethrower”

December 28, 2019 – Wealth Strategy with Bryan Rigg, Your Wealth Professor

Today, we’re going to talk about three different things. We’ll start the show with what people should do at the end of the year in regards to their finances. Bryan gives some tips on how to hold yourself more accountable to meet the deadline so you can just think about the family and not finances over the holidays. But Bryan will also give advice on what to do if the deadline has passed.

Then, Barbara Freeman joins the show once again to discuss her nonprofit organization, Freeman House ( Freeman House has been serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area by providing transitional housing for men and women who are coming out of incarceration, recovering from addictions, and escaping homelessness since 2006. A house manager also joins the show to give her testimony to the nonprofit organization and the services they provide.

We’re going to close out the show with Bryan introducing his most recent book “Flamethrower”, which is now available on According to some historians that proofread the book, “Flamethrower” is the most definitive work on an enlisted marine’s life during World War II.