Healthcare Costs and Retirement

September 23 , 2017 – Wealth Strategy with Bryan Rigg, Your Wealth Professor
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Now, that fall is here we wanted to bring everybody back in for one big roundtable discussion. Again, welcome WRR listeners. We are here again to talk about financial strategies and financial management. Our show is different.

There’s a lot of other financial shows on the airwaves here in Dallas‑Fort Worth, but we really don’t do the hard sell. We don’t do the hard pitch. We’re not here to pitch fear or pitch prosperity. The fact is that we like to get here and talk about what you can do to change your future financially. A lot of it you can do yourself, and a lot of it you’ll need some help with.

We’re here every week to talk about the terms and the vocabulary and to break things down to keep it nice and simple for you so you can learn what you can do. It’s foreign to all of us. It’s kind of scary and intimidating. The fear of the unknown is significant no matter what it is. It just happens to be the financial talk.

We’ve got Gary, David, and Bryan here this morning all to try and make your life a little bit easier. We’ve got topics we’re going to talk about today. Basically, we talk in four 15‑minute segments. The first one we’re going to talk about is the rising cost of healthcare not just every day but especially after retirement.

The second segment we’re going to be discussing planning for the IRS and tax penalties, not just in financial planning and pulling your money out but investing as well. There are costs and IRS elements and tax penalties for investing in the profits and losses you make.

Also, we’ve got some of the biggest mistakes in saving for retirement. We’ve got some interesting horror stories. We’ll call them horror stories, but anecdotes from actual experiences with clients.

Then we’re going to close out the segment with something a little bit more divested into the management of wealth management structure, and that’s margining accounts, which I think is very helpful. Some people will find that interesting as well.


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