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bryan-riggFidelis et Veritas: Loyalty and Truth

I live by the themes I took to heart during my time in the U.S. Marine Corps (Semper Fidelis—Always Faithful) and Yale University (Lux et Veritas—Light and Truth).  In fact, those underlying principals were the impetus behind the decision to set up my own firm.

I was raised by my grandmother and mother, served in the Marines, studied history at Yale and Cambridge, and later taught it at Southern Methodist University and American Military University. My background has shaped both my life and my business. As the child of a single mother, I have a passion for helping nontraditional investors. As a former Marine and teacher, I value trust and partnership. As a student of history, I have a strong distaste toward any social injustice and an interest in serving freethinkers.

Learning about others gives me insight into how to best live life, and so I have always been fascinated with the different ways in which people live their lives, earn their keep, and preserve their wealth. In 2006, I decided I wanted to serve people as a financial advisor. I began working in the private banking division of Credit Suisse as a relationship manager and financial consultant. Though I raised $100,000,000 of assets, my dedication to service, my historian background, and my commitment to social justice were not a good fit for a large firm that did not seem to learn from past mistakes, or to serve its clients with the absolute integrity I insist upon. I left the firm, and established Rigg Wealth Management in 2009. Today, as an independent, I am not pressured to steer clients into products that don’t serve their interests. I can tailor advice, understanding that a single mother will have different needs than a retired couple. I can offer a wider range of products and provide more individualized services. I can truly serve my individual clients.

I continue to indulge my passion for history and social justice by authoring articles and books (my latest, Honor Under Fire: The Amazing Biography of Medal of Honor Receipt Hershel Woody Williams and Iwo Jima will be published in 2017); speaking to groups across the globe about World War II, the Holocaust, and tolerance; and serving on the boards of the Hershel “Woody” Williams Medal of Honor Foundation, the Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America, the Dallas Holocaust Museum, the American Council on Germany, and the American Jewish Committee. I also make time to practice Kung Fu, participate in mud runs and spend time traveling and doing sports with my two sons and one daughter.

Professional Credentials: Certified Financial Professional (CFP), Series 7, 63, 65 and General Lines Insurance

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Email: brigg@riggwealthmanagement.com


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Without the overhead and expense of a giant financial firm, you can receive personalized, high quality services at a lower cost.  Half the millionaires in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex use an independent financial advisors to take advantage of this personal attention and unique services according to Fidelity research.  My fees are based on a percentage of the total value of your assets under management.  The more I can grow your assets, the more we both make.  Under this structure, our financial interests will be always aligned.


Annuities, CD’s, IRAs & 401K

October 28, 2017 – Wealth Strategy with Bryan Rigg, Your Wealth Professor
Listen In Every Week: Saturday on WRR from 7:00-8:00 am

We’re going to talk today about four different things. We’re going to lead off with annuities. When we talk to new clients, and we talk to people who listen to the show, the feedback is everyone’s heard about annuities, and everyone’s heard about CDs. It’s because it’s what banks do. It’s safe. It’s a reasonable return, and there are expectations that could be met. We’re going to get into what they are, and why they may not be what you think they are.

Then we’re going to get into Rigg Wealth Management.  Their business here in North Dallas isn’t for veterans, but they have a lot of experience being veterans. We’re going to talk about what their special insights are for veterans if there’s any out there that are listening. Then we’ll get into definitions and differences with IRAs and 401(k)s. Most people do this more than anything else as far as a do‑it‑yourself kind of investment option. We’re going to get into the do’s and don’ts.

We’re going to close out the show with client stories. We’re going to have Bryan talk about some of the successes he’s had with some of his clients of late and in the past few years that are relevant. In case any of you are looking at coming on board, we wanted to remind you that you’re not the only one that’s jumping from one investment firm to another. Bryan, as an independent consultant, he gets a lot of new clients that come over from somebody else, and some first-timers, as well.


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