45 Questions for The Wealth Professor

Rigg Wealth Management's, Bryan RiggSeptember 9, 2017 – Wealth Strategy with Bryan Rigg, Your Wealth Professor
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Today, we’re going to capture that essence. Normally we have a full segment, 10, maybe 11, 12 minutes of a particular topic. Today, we’re going to change it up a little bit. We’ve got some questions from some of our listeners, emailed as well as voice mails.

We’re going to go down through a nice list of questions that people have asked about stocks in general. Not just stocks, but the general kind of a marketplace of Wall Street.  I’m going to just rapid‑gun‑fire some questions we have. If you’re into numbers, I have a total of 45 that I’ve been able to compile. We’re just going to hit them and we’re going to stay on them for two, three minutes and break them down and help you understand it.

I challenge you to listen for the next hour. I’ll be you hear at least four or five questions that you’re genuinely curious about that are somewhere in the back of your head. We’re going to hit some topics today. If your question isn’t in this segment, stick around because I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be coming up in the next segment.


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