11/13/19: Apple, Cannabis, Home Security, &

November 13, 2019 – Wealth Strategy with Bryan Rigg, Your Wealth Professor

Today, we’re going to discuss four different topics. We’ll start the show off by having Bryan give his opinion on the company Apple. Apple may still be the apple of the eyes of millions but what goes up must come down, especially in the business world. So Bryan gives some tips on how to be well diversified in the stock market. 

Then, we’ll talk about the current and future state of the cannabis industry. We’ll also take a look at cannabis dispensaries across the nation such as Farma and we’ll discuss what direction we see these businesses are heading towards.    

We’ll end the show by talking about the future of home security, automakers, and oil & gas companies. Security cameras used to be something you would want to hide but nowadays they have moved out of the shadows and are used more as a deterrent. We discuss if home security will be more self-monitored or a subscriber based system. Followed by the impact of automakers and oil & gas companies, and the future of cars.