10/04/19: Money In The Different Stages Of Life

October 04, 2019 – Wealth Strategy with Bryan Rigg, Your Wealth Professor

We take a look at what people of different ages and stages of life should do in regards to their finances. We first start the discussion with what those in their twenties should be doing with their money. This age group is unique because this is where many begin their careers so it can be difficult to decide what or where to invest their hard earnings. Bryan gives tips on how this age group can grow their money.

Next, we take a look at those in their forties. By this time, you might be entering the third phase of life and preparing for retirement. So, we discuss ways to save money while not increasing expenses. 

We end the show by taking a look at those in their sixties and eighties. Unfortunately, during this time health tends to decline. We discuss tips on how to enjoy life as things begin to slow down.