10/03/19: China, Energy, & Impeachment

October 03, 2019 – Wealth Strategy with Bryan Rigg, Your Wealth Professor

China is one of the largest and most powerful countries in the world with a population well over one billion. During this month, China will be celebrating 70 years of communist reign. We’ll take a look at the impact of China and their economy on the rest of the world. 

Next, we’ll talk about energy and more specifically oil and gas. Oil is the biggest business in the world and is the driver for so many other markets in the world. Throughout the years, the prices associated with energy have and continue to increase. We’ll discuss why the days of a gallon of gas costing less than a dollar are long gone and won’t return anytime soon.  

We’ll end the show by discussing politics and impeachment. We’ll discuss what an impeachment process entails and how it can affect the market.